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Notification to Shippers: Information on upcoming auctions

DET is currently working intensely on the commissioning of the two new LNG terminals Stade and Wilhelmshaven 2. However, given the current market status and due to various delays in project commissioning we have decided to defer the anticipated April auctions of 2024 capacity. The delay in the auctions is depending on project developments in the coming weeks, DET will provide a status update on early April. Once the performance of the Stade Terminal has been tested and confirmed, the remaining slots in addition to the 15 slots already offered in December 2023 will be put up for auction. Capacity for Wilhelmshaven 2 will only be offered once commissioning dates are more certain. The deferral of the auctions will have no influence on sold slots or long-term products. The delivery for sold slots at Stade (STD01) should not be affected by the commissioning delays. In conjunction with the market, DET will also continue to develop products for bookings of 2 to 3 years starting in 2025. These capacities are likely to be offered in summer this year.

About DET: On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK), Deutsche Energy Terminal GmbH (DET) markets and operates the state-initiated floating storage and regasification units (FSRU) with access to the North Sea, which are used to convert liquefied natural gas (LNG) back into a gaseous state and feed it into the German gas grid. DET is responsible for the four FSRUs in Brunsbüttel, Stade and Wilhelmshaven.

Dr. Andrei Zschocke

Deutsche Energy Terminal GmbH

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